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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Solidarity With Our Iranian Brothers

While Not Iranian... I am human, and I will always support the right for the people to revolt and recreate a government in their image.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free at last Free at last... Thank God Almighty Free at last!

43 white faces.

at noon today our 44th president took office.

Change is something so beautiful, you can really see it, even in something as basic as an image...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


You see how shelby county is red?

That's because Lamar carries a 16,000 vote lead, with only 18% left to report...

Tuke couldn't even win in the county he worked the hardest (if you call his form of campaigning work)at...


I do hope TN has the sense to keep his name off of any future ballots.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So, Current Senate results on CNN are showing Tuke only wins ONE county... By 500 votes...

Shelby county, which should be a Tuke stronghold currently only has Tuke with a 3,000 vote lead (which will definitely change...)

I've been telling you all along, This guy is a joke, and the Tennessee Democratic Party lost a great chance to unseat a republican incumbent (and possibly one of the few seats needed for Filibuster free control of the Senate.)

Good job guys. Next time you run, let me in on the campaign and you might have a chance (if you're smart enough to listen)

Tuke Lost, Obama Won!

As I said from the end of the primary... Mr. Tuke lost because he expected to win on a ride from Obama's coattails...

I guess he was just testing the waters for a gubernatorial run in two years... too bad he'll lose that too...

Anywho.. I'm going to go celebrate Mr. Obama's win...


Election Night 2008

I'm calling it Early... Obama to win by 9% of the popular vote, and 340 Electoral Votes.

Flame away bi#$%es, flame away!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I bet his 102 goal is on par with his I.Q....

Jacksons' Pride and Joy

Jackson Skinhead plots to kill African-American Students, Obama

Sooo... This guy just put Tennessee back on the Map...

I'm just wondering what the legality of calling for a patriot jihad on this dudes ass ?

Anybody wanna enlighten me?

If illegal can we just assure ourselves that these dullards will spend at least a few years getting some water dunks in Gitmo?

Seriously... What can we do to wash our hands of this 50 year setback?

Oh... P.s. to those who said this kid is from a good family... Could his parents not see the Swastika Tattoo on his upper arm? First thing I noticed...

Good parents would have paid to have that damn thing burnt off...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I want to move....

Some of you people just ruin this state for everybody...

CayleeScruggs wrote:

Replying to Diane1957:

Why are you hating on Palin? So she chose to carry her child-knowing it was going to be born with Downs-Syndrome-is that a bad thing-no-just look at all the children who are born with this-i raised a step daughter with this when her own father didnt want to have anything to do with the "retard" as he called her- i had custody of her because it was in her best interest-i loved her with all my heart-i did all i could do for her whereas her mother and father did not-she now is grown and lives in Florida-i divorced her father and raised her -her spirit is never wavering and she was/is a joy and inspiration to anyone ! Just because one has a "disability" doesnt mean you should just "get rid" of them- no one in this campaign is what we could call the perfect choice-but its who we have so lets make the best of it-

SARAH PALIN is a prophetess of the BLOOD OF CHRIST. It has been revealed in scripture that "the darkness disguised as light shall steal the BLOOD OF CHRIST away from the lips of babes and whose power will destroy the goodness of all men." REVELATIONS 12:19 The darkness prophecy is proven to be OSAMA OBAMA and SARAH PALIN will rise in the ligtt of her glory and the truth of JESUS sheall be shone down upon the heads of many andf the mouths of the hungered will gape as they are filled with the body and BLODD of the REAL TRUE JESUS.

REPUBLICANS are united in this belief, and I stand a member of my FAITH and MY CONVICTION that CHRIST's BLOOD will annoint the wicked when OUR WHITE HOUSE is taken back.

Sarah's sweet innocent child may not know the words of the LORD and she may squal in the darkness of ignorance and shame, but JESUS said "all ye who are born withour minds shall be taken as WINGED DOVES who shall DELIVER the BLOOD OF MY SACRIFE to the mouths of children."

Firstly, if you read this, Ms. Scruggs, Kudos on the raising a person 'born without a mind' that no one else cared about.

Now that you've heard the one thing you were begging people to say, can you please quit using our local newspapers comments section as your own personal bully pulpit?

I see some amazingly ignorant/stupid comments on the Tennessean's page on a daily basis, but you madam take SO MUCH of the cake (figuratively and literally)that I had to give you special coverage on my blog.

Second I don't give a damn who you are voting for, but the whole 'prophetess of the blood of christ' is not only an incorrect statement, its a sacrilegious statement.

There are no prophets of Christ, Christ WAS the prophet. Well, actually, I'm wrong... Mohammad was a Prophet of christs teachings.

I tell you what... You keep on fighting the good fight on TN's local news sights.

I'll buy you the Burka so your photo at least matches the opinions you put forth.

"CHRIST's BLOOD will annoint the wicked when OUR WHITE HOUSE is taken back."

WHAT THE FUCK is that supposed to mean? Let me guess when Obama wins he's gonna paint the white House Black? Or he's going to convert the nation to Islam?

Stupid people shouldn't breed... It leads to genetic issues, as Mrs. Palin and her Genius Husbands genetics show. You ma'am are also one of the failed genetics mergers.

One last question before I go... Do you have a Shell with Obama's name on it or something? If not (which I hope to GOD you don't) you really should step down your Obama=Evil dance...

Sometimes I wanna move 'cause of people like you... Then I remember my families been in the state since the 18th Century... So hows about you move YOUR Crazy ASS out of MY State?

I hear Utah's big into the whole Jesus Freak thing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

F#$%in' pwned...

John McCain, you sir, are a total piece of sh*t.

As my nerdy w.o.w. buddies would say... you got 'pwned'